About Us

Lusweti Institute for Health Development Communication is a non-governmental organization indigenous to Swaziland, Southern Africa dedicated to the creation and provision of innovative social behavior change communication programs. Our efforts are focused on bringing social change to society ensuring that the majority of people in the country will be practicing positive behavior with respect to HIV/AIDS, health and development.



An Empowered Swazi Society by Year 2021 - practicing positive behavior with respect to health and development.



To lead innovative social behavior change communication initiatives in health and development by bringing effective multimedia programmes to the nation through advocacy and the provision of technical support.


Our Approach

Our approach is based on the Soul City Model of Social Change which considers the external influences on individuals and the impact it has on their actions, attitudes and beliefs. Influences are determined by the external environment made up of socio-economic factors, political frameworks and the community we grow up in. We believe that changing the external environment and making it conducive for behavior change increases the self-efficacy of individuals empowering them to make positive decisions in their life.