Ensuring that our material meets our target audience needs is most important to us to guarantee long-lasting impact

Our programs are thoroughly researched, monitored and evaluated through a comprehensive formative and pre-testing research process with the prime beneficiary and key stakeholders to ensure that we capture the social norms and behaviors of our target audience for developing clear, precise and credible messages.

Community Score Card

The Community Score Card (CSC) is a capacity building project implemented by World Vision Swaziland in partnership with Lusweti through the European Union funding.
The CSC, which is a participatory and community based monitoring tool primarily meant for improving quality of care service delivery, targets both health services and services for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) through the cash transfer project.

Umliba Loya Embili

Through the Pact funding, Lusweti seeks to improve local Non Governmental Organisation understanding of Social Behaviour Change Communication approaches and integration on the HIV prevention program using evidence to bring about the desired change.

Underage Drinking radio talkshow

The Underage Drinking talkshow is a social mobilisation project which is a component of the Wize Up programme aimed at empowering young people to make informed decisions with respect to alcohol consumption.

The principle of “education-via-entertainment” is integrating social change issues into prime-time mass media entertainment programs

Our activities include radio and television drama series telling stories in a fresh, often surprising and challenging way. We are moving our audience emotionally as we use characters and situations from everyday life which people can relate to and identify themselves with. This presents a powerful tool for encouraging behavior change as we capture our audience and our messages are better remembered. Print material, illustrating characters from the drama series, provide additional information and an on-going learning resource