Lusweti provides a comprehensive package of Social Behavior Change Communication and pioneered the integration of SBCC into HIV prevention interventions in Swaziland.

From enticing multimedia edutainment programs, influential advocacy campaigns to effective social mobilization activities and sustainable capacity building projects; we ensure that our interventions work together to maximize impact and achieve behavior change. All our interventions are rigorously researched to ensure that we meet local requirements and needs; hence we enjoy over 80% brand recognition and reach more than 70% of the population.

Social Mobilization

To impart knowledge, shift attitudes and social norms as well as increasing both individual and community efficacy are at the heart of our social mobilization activities. All our activities are designed to be interactive and appealing to our audience which consists of in-and-out-of-school youth, community leaders, sexually active men and women. Innovation plays a key part and hence we have launched Forum Theatre Events where the audience is captivated and incorporated into the play by fascinating artists and scenes. Our Stand-up Talks portray daily life situations in a humorous but educating tone addressing the social challenges impacting on HIV/AIDS. Our Community Dialogues are a facilitated change process that enhance the ability of communities to understand and analyze their situation, envision a better future and identify areas for social change. We empower communities to change their culture in regards to values, attitudes and practices.

Capacity Building

Our capacity building projects equip community custodians and social behavior change communication implementers with comprehensive knowledge on the pertinent health and socio-development issues which influence social behavior change. We make sure that the trainees understand the methodology, concepts and implementation of social mobilization through workshops, follow-up assignments, mentorship and technical support for a sustainable approach. Our multi-layered training programs on developing and producing edutainment material educate participants on finance and budgeting, continuity, camera, lighting, sound and art direction. Script writers are intensively trained in edutainment drama theory, story development, story treatment and script writing.


Through policy and legislations review, we use advocacy to protect and improve health development rights of the Swazi population. Our advocacy initiatives focus on influencing government and decision makers to develop and implement public policy that creates a conducive environment for behavior change. We have successfully supported the development and implementation of the National Strategy for Social & Behavior Change Communication as well as the National Education Policy.

Mass Media Edutainment

Always keeping the audience in mind, we develop material that is culturally, linguistically and locally appealing to our audience’s emotions and stimulating discussions. Our full-service state-of-the-art digital recording studio for sound recording and mixing at our office premise allows us to produce radio commercials and other high quality audio products at a cost-effective rate. We are also experienced in developing mass media advertising campaigns. Capitalizing on the fact that different media reaches different audiences, our campaigns use a mix of various media channels ranging from outdoor media and print advertising to radio and television.

Our programs are thoroughly researched, monitored and evaluated through a comprehensive formative and pre-testing research process with the prime beneficiary and key stakeholders to ensure that we capture the social norms and behaviors of our target audience for developing clear, precise and credible messages.